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What area do you cover?
Pee Dee Mobile Oil services Florence, SC and the surrounding area.  If you aren’t sure just give us a call.


Do I need to be present when you are changing my oil?
No, you need not be present when we do an oil change.  We will make arrangements at the time of scheduling to pick up your keys and payment.


What should I be doing while my car is being serviced?

You are more than welcome to watch us service your car, but our aim is to give you that time back. So feel free to continue with your normal daily activities or kick back and relax!


What about before and after hours appointments?
While most of our work is done between 8 am and 6 pm Monday – Friday, Pee Dee Mobile Oil will accept appointments outside those hours, such as for company fleet vehicles which must be in use during the day.  We are here to accommodate you scheduling needs and can discuss how to best service your vehicles without you having to change your schedule.


How soon can my car be serviced? 

Our hope is that we can get you scheduled on the same day. We will make any accommodations to make this possible. Of course, we can schedule an appointment for weeks out in advance if you would like. We understand you have a schedule, and we're just trying to find a place in it.


What about inclement weather?

Pee Dee Mobile Oil is to here to service you, and we hold true to that rain or shine. We do not let the elements keep us from doing our job. Outside of extreme and severe weather conditions, you can count on us. 


How do I pay for my oil change?
Pee Dee Mobile Oil accepts cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover.  Fleet accounts can also be set up for monthly billing.


Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully covered with a liability insurance policy, coverage on our vehicles and “Garage Keepers” insurance, which covers your vehicle while we are working on it.


Do you do more than change the oil?

For fleets and personal vehicles Pee Dee Mobile Oil offers oil changes, tire rotations and replacement of lights, batteries and windshield wipers. It is always our aim to do more than the basics so that you can be sure your vehicle stays in great shape and is always ready to go.


How do you prevent spills?

Your satisfaction is very important, and untidy work is not acceptable! Pee Dee Mobile Oil takes preventative action towards this placing a large absorbent mat on the ground under the car and we use an oversized pan for catching the oil.  In the event of a spill that cannot be captured by the absorbent mat or oil pan, we guarantee immediate cleanup of any spills or drops caused by our service.


What do you do with the old oil and oil filters?

All of our waste oil and filters are completely recycled by a state-registered recycler.


What if I have a question or issue after the service?

We at Pee Dee Mobile Oil want to know about questions or concerns right away. If we can handle it via phone or email, great. If that’s not enough, we will come back to your location to make sure you are completely satisfied.

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