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Fleet Managers, don’t waste valuable employee hours sending them out to sit at a dealership or “quick lube”.  While they are waiting around your business is losing billable hours that costs you money.  Each offsite oil change takes your employee at least one hour.  WASTED TIME IS WASTED MONEY!  The cost of an oil change can more than double when you look at all the costs involved.


Recoup your costs with Pee Dee Mobile Oil, our services come to you!  Now employees aren’t sitting around waiting, wasting company time.  Now you are truly paying for just an oil change.


The Old Way:

Oil change                         $25 – $45+

1 hour of employee time    $10 – $30+

Lost billable time               $50 – $99+

Total cost to have your employee take a vehicle in for service $85 – $175+


Pee Dee Mobile Oil Fleet Program Pricing:

Oil change                        $35 -$65 per vehicle!


Pee Dee Mobile Oil can perform services early morning prior to fleet dispatch, evenings when the vehicles have returned, or during meeting times that employees must attend.  We will work with you to find a schedule that best meets your company's needs.  Pee Dee Mobile Oil is an approved vendor for the following Fleet Leasing and Management Companies:


Don't see your Fleet Management Company listed?  Contact Pee Dee Mobile Oil to start the vendor approval process. 

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